I am currently a Ph.D. student since 2022, advised by Prof.Xuelong Li, at the School of Computer Science, Fudan University (FDU), Shanghai, China. I’m also a Research Intern of Shanghai AI Lab. My research interests are in the area of 3D Computer Vision and Embodied AI, specifically in Physic World Understanding & Simulation, Multimodal Generative Models and NeRF & 3D Gaussian. Open to collaboration! 😊

Previously, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in the College of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering from Hunan University, 3.86/4.0, Changsha, China.


  • 05.2024 We integrated KAN into NeRF 😆 and conducted a preliminary evaluation. 🔗 https://t.co/5cus4thPrT | https://github.com/Tavish9/KANeRF
  • 02.2024 Two CVPR Highlight Papers are accepted at CVPR 2024! Details below.
  • 10.2023 I won the Tencent Scholarship in 2023!
  • 06.2023 A paper is accepted at ICCV 2023! Details below.
  • 06.2023 A paper is accepted at TPAMI 2023! Details below.
  • 03.2023 A paper is accepted at CVPR 2023! Details below.


LiveScene: Language Embedding Interactive Radiance Fields for Physical Scene Rendering and Control

Delin Qu$^*$, Qizhi Chen$^{*}$, Pingrui Zhang, Xianqiang Gao, Bin Zhao, Dong Wang$^†$, Xuelong Li

ArXiv 2024
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GS-SLAM: Dense Visual SLAM with 3D Gaussian Splatting (CVPR Highlight)

Chi Yan$^{*}$, Delin Qu$^*$, Dong Wang, Dan Xu, Bin Zhao, Xuelong Li

CVPR 2024
[ Paper | Preprint | BibTex | Project page | Code ]

Implicit Event-RGBD Neural SLAM (CVPR Highlight)

Delin Qu$^*$, Chi Yan$^{*}$, Dong Wang, Jie Yin, Qizhi Chen, Yiting Zhang, Dan Xu, Bin Zhao, Xuelong Li$^†$

CVPR 2024
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Towards Nonlinear-Motion-Aware and Occlusion-Robust Rolling Shutter Correction

Delin Qu$^*$, Yizhen Lao$^{*}$, Dong Wang, Zhigang Wang, Xuelong Li, Bin Zhao $^{†}$

ICCV 2023
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Fast Rolling Shutter Correction in the Wild

Delin Qu$^*$, Bangyan Liao$^{*}$, Huiqing Zhang, Omar Ait-Aider, Yizhen Lao$^{†}$

TPAMI 2023
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Revisiting Rolling Shutter Bundle Adjustment: Toward Accurate and Fast Solution

Bangyan Liao$^*$, Delin Qu$^{*}$, Yifei Xue, Huiqing Zhang, Yizhen Lao$^{†}$

CVPR 2023
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Embodied Large Language Model Pretraining

Shanghai AI Laboratory 2024
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Optics-driven Drone for unlimited-time flying!

Shanghai AI Laboratory 2023
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Large Language Model for Distributed Multi-agents

Shanghai AI Laboratory 2023
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  • 2023 spring COMP130135.04 Object Oriented Programming, Teaching Assistant.

Academic Service

  • Conference Reviewer: CVPR, NeurIPS, ECCV and ICCV.


  • 2023 Tencent Scholarship at Fudan University